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RCCG destiny Sanctuary, torino, italy.

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Destiny Sanctuary is a Mega Church located at Via Leini 93/B, Torino Italy. Founded in the year 2007, it is a household name in the whole of Italy and Torino to be precise. It is a place where destinies find expression, people encounter a turn around in every sphere of their lives and very importantly, a place where Jesus is glorified. We believe in the praticality of the Gospel.

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11 February 2023

rccg destiny sanctuary

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Today I confess Jesus, as my Lord and Saviour. I believe He came to the earth, I believe He died, and I believe, that on the 3rd day, He was raised from the dead. Everything Jesus did, by His death, burial and resurrection, I receive into my human spirit. I receive the gift of eternal life. I am Born Again. Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah!